Saucony ProGrid Paramount 2

The Saucony® ProGrid™ Paramount 2 is the only shoe in the market right now with cutting edge tech, Comfortemp, a revolutionary new material senses the temperature of your feet and adjusts appropriately to a steady 82 degrees. With Saucony ProGrid, Flexion plate, the Paramount boasts a fusion of cutting edge materials and other technologies allowing for comfort, stability and performance that is unsurpassed. Providing the utmost in running comfort allowing you the freedom to perform at you best.

MSRP : US$170
Weight : 12.7 oz / 340 gm
Predecessor : Paramount
Features : ProGrid™ System, Mesh and Comfortemp® Upper, External TPU Heel Counter, Arch-Lock™, Flexion Plate, HRC Strobel Board

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Recommended for runners looking for a light supportive shoe with a plush and responsive ride.
History : Paramount 2('09), Paramount('07)


Arch-Lock™ : A simple but elegant construction method that wraps around the midfoot area and keeps it snugly in position on the midsole. By keeping the arch where it belongs, you enjoy superior comfort, control and support.

Comfortemp® : Material that monitors heat/cold to keep your feet at a comfortable 82 degrees.

Flexion Plate : Guiding the foot from heel strike to forefoot using an impact-resistant piece of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This dampens much of the joint and bone movement in the forefoot that is caused by the high-impact forces of heel strike, allowing you to toe off with more force and less energy.

HRC™ : Is Saucony premier cushioning system that uses a responsive custom compound of EVA and rubber that provides extreme comfort.

ProGrid® : A patented combination of rubber and polymer for the ultimate in luxury cushioning and velvet smooth heel-toe transition. Saucony has uniquely designed ProGrid technology to work in harmony with other componentry to not only cushion the foot, but also to provide stability according to the specific purpose of the shoe and the athlete.

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