New Balance

Release Year : 2013, 2012, 2011

Line Breaker


Release Year
2012 : R00, T00, 110

Release Year
2013 : Minimus : 10 v2. 1400, 870 v3
2011 : 1190
2010 : 905

Release Year
2013 : 1080 v3, 890 v3
2012 : 1080 v2, 890 v2
2011 : 1080, 890, 880

Release Year
2013 : 1260 v3, 860 v3
2012 : 1260 v2, 860 v2
2011 : 1260, 940, 860

Release Year
2012 : 1340
2010 : 1012

Release Year
2010 : 101, 876

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Line Breaker


TechView• Features and Benefits •

Heel-Toe Differential: By reducing the heel to toe differential, it will encourage a more natural foot (Midfoot / Forefoot Strike) movement as compared to the traditional 12mm differential.
I.S.S™: Internal Support System : Provides additional stability.
Minimus : A whole new approach to footwear, a place on the spectrum from barefoot running to the traditional maximum-cushioning running shoe. Inspired by Good Form Running and designed to be worn with or without socks. With only a 4mm drop from heel to toe, as little as a third of that of a traditional running shoe.
NB-J : A racing-specific last for high performance running with Standard heel widht, Lower instel height, Reduced toe box volume and Reduced forefoot width.
NL-0 : Running last which has a low to the ground and zero drop midsole, performance fit for consumers with normal foot types. Properties such as, Standard Heel Width, Lower Instep Height, Reduced Toe Box Depth Volume and Wider Forefoot Width.
NL-1 : Running last which has a low to the ground performance fit for consumers that have normal foot types. Improved fit and feel with better toe box characteristics improving overall fit and cosmetics.
PL-1 : A running-specific anatomical last with a lower in-step height, reduced toe box volume and less lateral forefoot girth.
SL-1 : A type of shoe last which has a typical forefoot and toe box design for normal to low arch foot types.
SL-2 : A Last with more volume in the toe box, a higher instep and a narrower heel. Designed to accommodate normal to high arch foot types.

TechView.Upper• Upper •

Anti Microbial : Anti-bacteria treatment on foot-bed which helps prevent odor, staining and deterioration.
CoCoNa™ : A natural technology that utilizes charcoal (or activated carbon) derived from coconut shells. This charcoal is then combined with polyester fibers to create a garment with enhanced performance properties, including evaporative cooling, odor resistance, and added UV protection to keep you comfortable in any environment. CoCoNa™ fabrics are lightweight, comfortable, and retain all of the conventional product features, such as stretch and washability.
Dual Density Collar : Uses both a softer density foam against the foot for cushioning, and a firmer density foam for support.
EVA Foxing Construction : The strip of EVA that joins the upper and sole of the shoe, to provide medial and lateral support to the outside of the shoe.
FitFoam™ : A breathable seamless ultra lightweight supportive fit upper which are soft, upper and hold the foot securely within the platform.
Last, Abzorb® Strobel : Placed inside the shoe, under the insert, whcih runs full length of shoe to maximize shock absorption and comfort.
Last, Combination : Utilizes lightweight slip construction in the heel for flexibility and strobel construction in the forefoot for underfoot comfort.
Last, Slip : The upper is wrapped around the bottom of the last and the materials are stitched together down the middle.
Last, Strobel : The upper is attached to a thin material that is patterned on the shape or silhouette of the midsole. Traditional strobel lasts use a thin cloth material, while newer variations use a thin sheet of EVA for a more cushioned feel.
Lightning Dry™ : Lining fabrication for moisture transfer, keeps your feet dry and comfortable as you train.
LockDown Liner™ : Is integrated into lacing to provide a custom fit without smothering your foot.
Mesh, Open : With synthetic overlays to provide lightweight and supportive upper.
Mesh, Synthetic : Upper with perforations which provides durability and breathability while keeping the shoe lightweight.
N-Lock™ : Designed to provide upper midfoot structure and enhanced support.
No-Sew Material Application : Seamless soft materials with enhance fit charateristics, provide a more secure platform.
Phantom Liner™ : Reduces abrasion and discomfort.
Sockliner, Abzorb® : Removable full-length insert of Abzorb® cushioning provides added comfort.
Sockliner, Molded Foam : Revolutionary thermo-moldable foam for a light underfoot cushioning.
Sockliner, Ortholite : Delivers long term comfort, breathability, and anti-microbial function to fight odor.
Sockliner, PU : Polyurethane insert which an extra layer of stability and cushioning for an exceptional in-step comfort.

TechView.Midsole• Midsole •

Abzorb® : For pure cushioning in the heel and forefoot, Abzorb® is the solution. By absorbing shock and displacing energy, Abzorb® softens the impact, foot-strike after foot-strike.
Abzorb® Crash Pad : Carefully placed articulation and shaping for a smooth release into midstance.
Abzorb® DTS : Dynamic Transition System in the heel combines Abzorb® foam and Abzrob® SBS to provide optimal cushioning and a smooth transition on heel strike.
Abzorb SBS® : For pure cushioning Abzorb SBS® is the solution. An evolution of the original Abzorb®, Abzorb SBS® has a cored design that 'absorbs' shock and displaces energy at key impact points on the strike zone. Its unique material is highly durable and formulated to counterbalance the rigorous impact of performance running.
Abzorb FL® : Full-length Abzorb midsole material with excellent cushioning and energy displacement properties.
ActEva® : Full length midsole material that is 12% lighter than standard midsole foam with DuPont Engage for added durability. It has greater consistency in cell size/lower density of cellular foam structure increases resistance to compression set.
ActEva®, Deconstructed : Provides great flexibility and a featherweight cushion.
ActEva® Lite : Premium lightweight midsole foam with optimal compression-set properties.
C-Cap®: Provides lightweight cushioning and flexibility.
EnCap®: Polyurethane Rim with C-CAP core provides stability while maintaining cushioning.
Extended Web® : Delivers midfoot support and increased stability by extending TPU on the medial post to cradle the foot.
Internal Shank : Provids torsional midfoot support on trails.
Medial Post : A dual density foam located on inside edge of shoe to help prevent over-pronation.
N2 : A cushioning technology which is responsive, durable, sustainable cushioning system in a low profile execution.
N-ergy® : An engineered elastomer that provides superior cushioning that disperses impact forces while providing optimal cushioning.
RevLite® : Ultra lightweight material with superior cushioning that disperses impact forces which delivers the same responsiveness and durability of foams which are 30% heavier.
Rock Stop™ : A flexible layer of high durometer EVA foam that is located between the outsole and the midsole to protects feet from rocks, shock, minimizes pressure, and disperses shock energy.
Stabilicore : Made from an injection molded thermoplastic that offers a great deal of precision, consistency, and exceptional pronation control. Unlike foam posting systems, it provides a continuous range of stiffness for a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off. Stabilicore will replaced TS2 Medial Posting technology.
Stability Post : Provides medial support located on inside edge of shoe to help reduce over-pronation.
Stability Web® : Delivers superior support in the midfoot while also reducing the overall weight of the shoe. Made of thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and positioned under the arch, Stability Web allows for torsion and flexion control in the arch while maintaining flexibility in the forefoot.
T-Beam : A light and flexible TPU shank placed in the midfoot for torsional stability and additional arch support.
TS2® : Transitional Support System : Provides optimal support while enhancing transition from heel strike to forefoot.

TechView.Outsole• Outsole •

Blown Rubber : Industrial standrad rubber outsole for lightweight cushioning.
Composite Rubber : A full length outsole designed with lugs to provide additional traction.
Lugged Sole : Designed to aid in traction over multiple surfaces.
Lugged Sole, Aggressive : Full length outsole designed with trail-specific lugs to provide additional traction.
N-durance® : Highly durable carbon rubber located in high use wear area.
Puncture Resistant Toe : An additional layer of lightweight material engineered to give additional protection at the toes.
Sticky Rubber : Outsole rubber to provide optimal grip on trail and wet conditions.
Vibram® Rubber : Vibram's extremely tough and durable rubber compund which provides exceptional grip only where necessary to reduce weight.
Vibram® Rubber, Minimal : Lightweight Vibram's outsole rubber with excellent traction and durability.

Line Breaker