Release Year 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

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Release Year
2012 :Gel : SpeedStar 6, Fuji Racer
2011 :Gel : SpeedStar 5, DS Sky Speed 2
2010 :Gel : SpeedStar 4, DS Sky Speed

Release Year
2013 :Gel : DS Trainer 18, Noosa Tri 8
2012 :Gel : DS Trainer 17, DS Racer 9
2011 :Gel : DS Trainer 16

Release Year

2013 :Gel : Nimbus 15, Cumulus 15
2012 :Gel : Excel33, Blur33 2.0, Nimbus 14, Cumulus 14
2011 :Gel : Blur33, Nimbus 13, Landreth 7, Cumulus 13, Fortitude 5

Release Year
2014 :Gel : Kayano 20 , GT 2000 2 , GT 1000 2
2013 :Gel : Kinsei 5, Kayano 19, GT 2000, GT 1000
2012 :Gel : Kayano 18, GT 2170, Neo33, GT 1170

Release Year
2011 :Gel : Evolution 6, Foundation 10
2010 :Gel : Foundation 9
2009 :Gel : Evolution 5

Release Year
2012 :Gel : Instinct33, Scout
2011 :Gel : Trail Sensor 5, GT 2160 Trail, Trabuco 14
2010 :Gel : Trail Sensor 4, Trabuco 13

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Line Breaker


TechView• Features and Benefits •

33 Collection™ : A collection of minimalist style running collection from Asics. A series of lightweight, everyday running shoe collection that encourages natural foot movement. Inspired by the fact that 33 joints in the foot allow it to move efficiently, 33 Collection™ styles provide comfort, cushioning and flexibility during active endeavors or every day use while remaining lightweight.
Gender Specific : Individually tailored to the specific needs of each segment of running population : Female Runner’s Needs : Women have a wider pelvis than men, which causes them to pronate more when their feet land. Additionally, less muscle mass and softer connective tissue increase the speed at which the ankle rolls inward. By making the soles more flexible with more pronounced flex grooves, and the outside heel more rounded, a softer landing will occur, slowing the inward roll of the ankle, producing a more desired result for the female runner : Male Runner’s Needs : Since men are generally heavier than women, their running shoes must be able to absorb greater impact. Running shoe soles with inadequate width can lead to a feeling of insecurity. Therefore, Mizuno has introduced a wider, slightly flared sole, increasing the landing area in the running shoes specifically designed for men. The result is a more stable and secure run.
I.G.S.® : Impact Guidance System : Asics® design philosophy that uses linked componentry to encourage optimal gait while allowing for natural foot movement from heel strike to toe-off.

TechView.Upper• Upper •

Asymmetrical Internal Straps : Comfortably wrap and secure the foot on the platform of the shoe, improving fit and stability.
Asymmetrical Lacing : This set-up improve the Asics Biomorphic Fit by creating a more anatomically correct lacing pattern. The asymmetrical lacing design is configured to wrap across the top of the vamp, creating a more open forefoot environment.
Biomorphic Fit : Provides enhanced upper fit and comfort while decreasing potential for irritation.
Clutch Collar System : A successor to the Heel Clutching System, an Ex-oskelatal collar compliments the exoskeletal TPU heel counter for a uniquely secure fit, with plush memory foam on both sides to minimizes heel slippage and a better secure fit.
Cuprothermo™ Mesh : Asics advanced upper material designed to aid temperature regulation within the shoe through effective heat distribution and enhanced moisture management, by retaining heat in cool weather and releasing it in hot weather.
Discrete Eyelets : Eyelets are independently placed to disburse lace tension and are designed to enhance comfort.
FluidFit™ : Shoe's upper technology which combines multi-directional stretch mesh with stretch reinforcements that adapt to the athlete's foot, creating a truly customized glove-like fit.
Heel Clutching System : Exoskeletal heel counter provides improved support and creates improved heel fitting environment.
Last, California Slip : Stitching the upper along the perimeter of a synthetic material which is then attached to the midsole.
Last, Strobel : The upper is attached to a thin material that is patterned on the shape or silhouette of the midsole. Traditional strobel lasts uses a thin cloth material, while newer variations use a thin sheet of EVA for a more cushioned feel.
Last, Dual Density Solyte™ : A two layer construction of Solyte lasting, a softer top layer of 48 degree derometer with a firmer 53 degree derometer bottom layer, for enhanced cushioning while still providing a stable platform.
Last, Solyte™ 45 : Located on the full length of the shoe and has a low density to deliver the softest feel under the foot.
Last, Solyte™ 55 : On top of the inner rear portion of the shoe, it has a medium density to deliver a moderately soft feel under the foot.
Last, Solyte™ 65 : A high density material placed in the rear portion of the shoe to deliver the least soft feel under the foot.
Last, SpEVA™ 55 : On top of the inner rear portion of the shoe, it has a medium density to deliver a moderately soft feel under the foot.
Mono Sock Fit System : An elastic internal sleeve which replaces traditional tongue that wraps the foot to provide a sock-like fit for aps the foot for a sock-like fit comfort.
Open Mesh : An ultra lightweight shoe upper with overlays which provides excellent support and ventilation.
Performance Trail : Shoe upper is water resistant and offers protection from the elements while maintaining breathability to keep the foot cool.
PHF™ : Personal Heel Fit System : Moulds and customizes itself to the individual heel shape of the wearer.
Sockliner, ComforDry : Made from an anti-bacterial material that not only reduces odor and moisture but also provides additional cushioning.
Sockliner, Standard : Removable full-length insert of industry standard, EVA, cushioning material to provides additional comfort.

TechView.Midsole• Midsole •

DuoMax® : Ensures that the shoe maintains proper support for the foot during the critical transition from heel strike to toe-off. The latest evolution has been introduced in the shoe with multi-rigid shape Dynamic DuoMax technology, resulting a ounce of weight saving s as to its previous design while providing the same level of support.
DuoMax®, Dynamic : An upgrade of the DuoMax system by distributing local pressure proportionally to increase stability while providing improved comfort.
DuoMax®, Soft Top : Which sit ontop of the midsole to enhance platform comfort with gender-specific densities. Men on average, typically have a larger body mass than women, which tends to mean they will compress a midsole more than the average woman. A firmer degree Solyte® layer for men and a softer Solyte for women.
DuoMax®, Support System : Pillared structure midsole layout system positioned to reduces over pronation by controlling the movement of the foot, leading to a smoother heel to toe transition. It is lighter and more comfortable then traditional DuoMax, while providing the same amount of stability.
Discrete Heel Unit : Takes the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®) to a new level by creating our highest degree of shock attenuation and stability.
DuoTruss® System : Two density Trusstic System® links the rear-foot and forefoot and maintains mid-foot support.
Dynamic Cradle™ : A molded midsole component engineered for specific foot types to enhance guidance and fit.
Exo-Skeletal : A rear-foot wrap to keep the ankle secure on rugged terrain.
FluidRide™ : Provides the ultimate combination of bounce back and cushioning properties with reduced weight and exceptional durability.
Gel®, Cushioning Systems : Provides maximum rear-foot and forefoot shock attenuation.
Guidance Line™ : Vertical flex groove decouples the tooling along the line of progression for enhanced gait efficiency.
Heel Clutching System : This system removes the traditional internal heel components and replaces it with an exoskeletal heel counter to provides a more comfortable heel fitting environment while decreasing the probability of friction or irritation.
Last, Dual Density Solyte® : Employs different densities of Solyte® lasting material in heel and forefoot for improved comfort.
Magic Sole™ : Uses a vented midsole to minimize weight and increase breathability.
Mono Sock® Fit System : An elastic internal sleeve, which replaces a traditional tongue, providing a ‘sock-like’ fit.
Nano Tech Upper Material : Provides a highly water-resistant upper without loss of breathability.
Plus 3™ : Female's Model Only : 3mm of additional height of 3mm to relieve achilles tension.
Protection Plate : Protects the foot from sharp objects such as rocks and branches.
Solyte™ : Mid-sole material which is a advanced durable co-polymer that is lighter than standard EVA and Asics SpEVA®.
Solyte™, Injected : The advantage to injected Solyte® is a much more consistent density, ensuring that the desired softness is more ‘dialed in’ than standard compression molded mid-sole material. Injected Solyte® is also lighter than standard Solyte® contributing to the overall drop in weight.
Spacemaster UV™ : A very breathable, remarkably strong, and is about 30% lighter than regular polyester mesh. The materials used in Spacemaster-UV provide much better UV shielding by not only absorbing but also reflecting the sun’s heat rays.
SpEVA™ : Is a full length mid-sole material and is Asics' mid-level mid-sole. Although SpEVA is not as durable and lightweight as Solyte, it has increased energy return compared to that of compression molded EVA.
Stability Cradle™ : A reinforced EVA component contoured to provide medial and lateral stability.
Trail Sensor System™ : Enables parts of the midsole to decouple for optimal traction on uneven terrain.
Trusstic™ System : Moulded component under the mid-foot area. Provides over-pro-nation control in combination with extremely contoured mid-soles. Reduces the weight of the shoe.
Trusstic™ System, Guidance : Integrates Guidance Line® construction for enhanced gait efficiency while providing midfoot structural integrity.
Trusstic® System, Propulsion : A thermal plastic unit over the Space Trusstic System to mimics connective tissue in the foot by creating tension as foot enters propulsion stage, it helps to accelerate propulsion of the foot.
Trusstic System™, Racing : A lighter weight Trusstic system designed for faster turnover.
Trusstic System™, Space : The system works with the complex functions of the foot to facilitate Windlass Mechanics. Space Trusstic is new I.G.S. componentry and an evolution, if not revolution of our benchmark trusstic technology. The Space Trusstic system is not integrated within the EVA. Rather it is suspended below the midsole EVA forming a distinct pocket or space into which the EVA of the mid foot section of the shoe can distort. The result is that torsion stability of the shoe is maintained but pressure on the plantar facia is released enabling tension with the transition from foot flat to propulsion. This is designed to facilitate the all-important Windlass Mechanism. Space Trusstic is a natural extension of I.G.S. and an enhancement of Windlass Mechanics.

TechView.Outsole• Outsole •

AHAR™ : Asics High Abrasion Resistance : Located at the impact area of the out-sole to reduce excessive wear.
AHAR™ Plus : A thinner and lighter version of AHAR. It is placed on the impact area of the out-sole to reduce excessive wear.
AR® : Acronym for ASsics® "High Abrasion Rubber". Placed in critical areas of the outsole for exceptional durability.
Blown Rubber : Is lightweight and flexible. It provides added cushioning while maintaining durability and a smooth ride.
Duosole® : A lightweight outsole construction which provide additional flexibility and traction.
DuraSponge® : A new blown rubber compound for enhanced durability and cushioning in the forefoot.
ET® Grip : An rubber outsole made from a special blend of organic and non-organic components, designed to enhance traction even on wet surfaces.
NC Rubber™ : An outsole compound containing more natural rubber content than traditional solid rubber, resulting in enhanced traction on court systems.
Trail Specific Outsole : Reversed placed lugs outsole providing traction for uphill and downhill traction on all types of terrain.
Wet Grip® : A specialized blend of compounds designed to enhance traction.

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