Release Year : 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

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Release Year
2013 :adiZero Takumi Sen
2012 :adiZero Boston 3, Tempo 5 , F50 2. adiPure Motion
2011 :adiZero Aegis 2, Mana 6

Release Year
2013 : Supernova Glide 5
2011 :adiStar Solution 2, Ride 3
2012 :adiStar Ride 4. Supernova Glide 4

Release Year
2011 :adiStar Salvation 3. adiZero Tempo 4. Supernova Sequence 4
2010 :adiStar Salvation 2. Supernova Sequence 3
2009 :adiStar Salvation. Supernova Sequence 2

Release Year
2011 :adiStar Raven 2
2010 :adiStar Raven. Supernova Riot 3
2009 : Supernova Riot 2

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TechView• Features and Benefits •

Gender Specific : Individually tailored to the specific needs of each segment of running population : Female Runner’s Needs : Women have a wider pelvis than men, which causes them to pronate more when their feet land. Additionally, less muscle mass and softer connective tissue increase the speed at which the ankle rolls inward. By making the soles more flexible with more pronounced flex grooves, and the outside heel more rounded, a softer landing will occur, slowing the inward roll of the ankle, producing a more desired result for the female runner : Male Runner’s Needs : Since men are generally heavier than women, their running shoes must be able to absorb greater impact. Running shoe soles with inadequate width can lead to a feeling of insecurity. Therefore, Mizuno has introduced a wider, slightly flared sole, increasing the landing area in the running shoes specifically designed for men. The result is a more stable and secure run.
Sprint Frame : A light-weight supportive shoe platfrom configuration.

TechView.Upper• Upper •

ClimaCool® : Upper for moisture transport and ventilation.
ClimaProof® : A breathable fabric which protects your foot from moisture and weather while allowing heat and sweat to escape.
CS Lightstrike: Cushioning compound for excellent heel cushioning with minimal additional weight.
Formotion® Stretch Panel : Located at the lateral midfoot, a strechable panel that fit and works with the fot natural contour and movement to provide an adaptive fit and smoother upper transitions.
GeoFit™ : Construction for anatomical heel fit and comfort.
Last, adiLite® : A full length strobel last constructed from Adidas' soft foam for additional comfort under the foot.
Last, adiLite® 45 : A full length strobel last constructed from Adidas' most soft foam for additional comfort.
Last, adiPrene® 45 : A combination of Adidas cushy foam, adiPrene® 45 with traditional strobel last at the forefoot.
Last, Lightstrike™ 45 : Full length strobel last constructed with Adidas lightweight softest foam.
Last, Lightstrike™ 55 : Full length strobel last constructed from a lightweight moderately soft foam.
Last, Strobel : The upper is attached to a thin material that is patterned on the shape or silhouette of the midsole. Traditional strobel lasts use a thin cloth material, while newer variations use a thin sheet of EVA for a more cushioned feel.
Last, Traditional : A full length strobel last construction, which is a form of slip lasting where the upper is stitched around the perimeter of the foot and no board is inserted.
Mesh, Durable : A highly durable protection upper.
Mesh, Open : With synthetic overlays to provide lightweight, supportive and breathable upper.
Mesh, Open : With synthetic overlays to provide lightweight, supportive and breathable upper.
Mesh, Teijin: A thin but highly durable micro fiber.
Seamless Active Formotion® : Seamless upper designed for ultimate comfort and fit while stretches to the contoured fit for a more foot natural foot movement.
Sockliner, adiLite® n Respo Eva : Dual-layer anti-microbial sockliner for great step-in and motion comfort.
Sockliner, Foam : A high-resilience antimicirbial and breathable insole which provide superior cushioing, creates a foot-bed with exceptional step-in feel with added support.
Sockliner, RespoEVA™ : Molded anatomical underfoot cushion for increased in-step comfort.
Sockliner, Traditional : Made from industrial standard, EVA, designed for underfoot cushioning.
Sprint Web : A clover-shaped stitchless supportive lightweight upper lining for better heat and sweat management and increased performance.
Sockliner, Ortholite : An antimicrobial insole designed to reduce odor and provide additional cushion.
Synthetic Lining : A comfortable non-slip inner lining for comfort and performance.
Tech Fit: Lightweight synthetic breathable upper with second skin forefoot layer for a lightweight enhanced comfort.
Tirennina Suede : An environmentally friendly solvent-free synthetic material.
Welded SprintWeb: Provide a seamless shoe upper support and breathability.

TechView.Midsole• Midsole •

adiLite® : Full-length light-weight midsole material which is provides superb comfort and impact protection.
adiPrene® : Resilient engineered EVA based foam, to absorbs heel impact forces and providing superior cushioning and protection.
adiPrene® Plus : For a more efficient push-off. Elastic material under the forefoot. Retains natural forces at toe-off for greater forefoot efficiency. Maximizes energy use.
CM.Eva: Compression molded EVA which is an industry standard mid-sole material designed which offer durable cushioning.
Dual Density Post : Located at the medial midfoot, is a higher density insert is designed to reduce excess pronation.
FitFoam® : Made of a visco-elastic rebound foam, contours to your foot like a custom mould.
ForMotion® : A freely moving heel system that is de-coupled allowing the foot to adapt to the ground by adjusting to the foot movement. resulting a much smoother, balanced and natural touchdown motion.
ForMotion®, 360 : A gender specific decoupled heel system extended into the forefoot, for a closer to ground adaptability and protection in aiding shock dissipation.
ForMotion®, 3D : System that eases the transition between toe-off and landing for soft, smooth touchdowns.
Ground Control System : For motion control and ground adaptability.
Pro Moderator™ : A lightweight, highly stable yet durable, mid-sole support unit co-molded onto the CMEVA mid-sole.
Pro Moderator™ Plus : A much improved version of Pro Moderator™.
PureMotion™ : Constructed with industrial standard EVA to mimics the natural stability, efficiency and rapid reaction time of barefoot.
Torsion® System : Helps create stability and control by allowing the natural rotation between the rear-foot and the forefoot, providing midfoot support and improving surface adaptability.

TechView.Outsole• Outsole •

adiWear® : Durable carbon rubber out-sole, utilized in the heel and medial forefoot for best durability in high wear areas.
Blown Rubber : A lightweight rubber wich offers grip for increased traction.
Continental® Rubber : A partnered up with Continental, the European market leader in the car tyre segment, to supply Adidas with the latest rubber compounds, used in shoe's outsole with the latest technology in industry traction performance just like Continental’s award winning tyre range.
Dual-compound Rubber : Integrates sticky rubber and adiWear for a blend of traction and durability.
QuickStrike™ : For best lightweight durability and flexibility.
Traxion™ : Provides excellent traction and better pressure distribution.
ZoneMotion: Specifically engineered to the forefoot flexibility needs of each gender.

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