Release Year : 2013, 2008-2012

Line Breaker


Release Year
2013 :Five Fingers : SeeYa LS
2012 :Five Fingers : SeeYa
2011 :Five Fingers : Komodo Sport, Komodo Sport LS, Bikila LS
2010 :Five Fingers : Bikila, Speed
2009 :Five Fingers : KSO
2008 :Five Fingers : Sprint

Release Year
2013 :Five Fingers : Lontra
2012 :Five Fingers : Spyridon LS
2010 :Five Fingers : Treksport

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Line Breaker


TechView.Upper• Upper •

Aegis Microbe Shield® : Inbeded in footbeds to help control odors.
Anatomical Microfiber : A washable, bacteria resistant fiber.
Coconut Active Carbon Fiber : Abrasion-resistant upper for great comfort and natural breathability.
Dri-Lex Sockliner : Delivers heightened comfort through a moisture management lining system that is totally breathable and quick drying.
Heel Strap : Secure with a rip-and-stick closure to provide a secure, supportive fit; padded collars up the comfort level.
Insole, Polyurethane w Dri-lex® : A polyurethane footbed to provide plating protection and reduced packing over a sustained peroid of time, coverde with moisture-wicking material, Dri-lex®, for great comfort and cushioning underfoot, especially under the ball of the foot.
Insole, Stitch Polyurethane : Stitched into the shoe to protects skin and foot tissue for a more comfortable ride.
Instep Strap : Secure with a rip-and-stick closure to provide a secure, supportive fit with padded collars up the comfort level.
Laminated Stretch Mesh : Stretchy laminated polyester mesh upper for excellent flexibility.
Microfabric Overlays : Bonded to the upper to provide structural support and comfort.
Micro-pile Fleece : Soft micro-pile polyester fleece linings wick moisture away from the foot and offer light insulation.
Polyester Fabric : A popular synthetic fiber that are extremely strong, durable (resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion resistant) and are quick to dry. Able to retains its shape and hence is good for making outdoor clothing for harsh climates.
Polyamide Stretch Fabric : Thin abrasion-resistant polyamide stretch fabric fits low on feet and offers quick-drying comfort with breathable stretch-mesh panels keep debris and grit out.
Speed Lace System : Speedy lacing closure system with locking buckle allows for a comfortable custom fit with just one easy pull.
Stretch Mesh : Breathable single layer stretchable mesh for a glove-like fit and comfort.
Toe Protection : Thermoplastic Urethane toe bumpers for enhanced protection and tear resistance.

TechView.Midsole• Midsole •

EVA Midsoles : Ethylene-vinyl Acetate : A polymer which has excellent stress and impact resistance properties.
Molded Nylon Mesh : Placed in the midsole to adds a “rock block” effect barrier to disperse impact over a wider area.
TPU Platform : Thermoplastic Urethane : A soft light-weight midsole material used to further reduce midsole thickness and weight for increased flexibility to promote a more natural foot movement.

TechView.Outsole• Outsole •

Anatomical Pods : Outsoles feature anatomically contoured traction pods outsole design that offers more plating protection that follow the contours of your feet and toes to distributes forefoot impact without compromising important ground feedback essential to a proper forefoot strike running form.
Razor Siping : Process of cutting thin zig-zag slits across a sole which flex open when in motion, use extant to provide surface traction.
TC-1 : Vibram's performance rubber in anatomical design.
TC-1, Dura : Provide excellent traction and protection against cold and wet conditions, with strategically placed minimum thickness Vibram's top performance rubber to maximizes "foot-feel" and flexibility.
XS Trek Rubber : Vibram technical trekking compound that represents the world wide reference for this segment both for performance and durability. The grip is exactly what is needed from difficult trekking to multisport. Coupled with big lug sole design, it is possible to enhance traction and grip on demand. When used in at a low thickness, the feedback is communicative. The information about grip and geometry of terrain prevents slipping and tripping. Different hardness’s are available for this family of compounds to obtain a better compromise between performance and comfort.

Line Breaker