Release Year : 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Line Breaker


Release Year
2011 : Hattori

Release Year
2013 :Virrata, Kinvara 4, Mirage 3
2012 :ProGrid : Kinvara 3, Mirage 2
2011 :ProGrid : Kinvara 2, Mirage

Release Year
2013 :PowerGrid : Triumph 10. Ride 6
2012 :PowerGrid : Cortana 2. ProGrid : Triumph 9, Ride 5
2011 :PowerGrid : Cortana. ProGrid : Triumph 8, Ride 4

Release Year
2013 :PowerGrid : PowerGrid : Hurricane 15, Guide 6
2012 :PowerGrid : Hurricane 14. ProGrid : Guide 5
2011 :ProGrid : Hurricane 13, Omni 10, Guide 4

Release Year
2011 :ProGrid : Stabil CS 2
2009 :ProGrid : Stabil CS

Release Year
2012 : ProGrid : Xodus 3.0, Peregrine 2. Kinvara TR
2011 : ProGrid : Peregrine
2010 : ProGrid : Xodus 2.0

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Line Breaker


TechView• Features and Benefits •

CRM™ : Custom Ride Management : Is the multiple variations of a single style, modified to address the athlete's need and/or preferences. CRM allows the user to "define their ride" by selecting their desired level of cushioning or stability depending on the purpose of the shoe and the needs of the individual.
Heel-Toe Differential : By reducing the heel to toe differential, it will encourage a more natural foot (Midfoot / Forefoot Strike) movement as compared to the traditional 12mm differential.

TechView.Upper• Upper •

Arch Lock™ : A construction method in which the midfoot area of the upper wraps over the foot connecting with the midsole to provide superior control and support.
Arch Lock®, Stability : Lightweight, stretch materials place in the medial side of the arch area which extend to one eyelet and adapt to your foot to provide a snug midfoot fit.
Arch Lock®, Neutral : Lightweight, stretch materials in the arch area that extend to one eyelet and adapt to your foot to provide a snug midfoot fit.
ComforTemp® : Material that monitors heat/cold to keep your feet at a comfortable 82 degrees.
Flex Film™ : Wafer thin, flexible film welded onto the upper to provide a more supportive and lightweight upper.
Forefoot Lockdown : Locks the foot to the midsole and provides a secure fit.
Exoskeleton Lockdown : Wrap the upper to the foot, keeping foot snug on the footbed.
Gusseted Tongue : Provides a snug and secure fit and to prevent debris from entering the shoe.
Heel Pod : Memory foam pods are placed around the hee to provide a secure fit.
Hydrator™ Collar : Lining which gives next to skin comfort and maxizes wicking.
Hydramax™ Collar : A superior collar lining material that has great moisture wicking properties as well as a plush hand feel.
Inter Lock : An internal fit system located at the medial midfoot, providing additional security to the upper, stabilizing the foot in various terrain.
Internal Bootie : A single of piece soft sock-like upper for a comfortable feel.
Last, HRC™ Strobel : High Rebound Compound : Full lenght board placed uder the foot which increases cushioning and step-in comfort.
Last, Strobel : The upper is attached to a thin material that is patterned on the shape or silhouette of the midsole. Traditional strobel lasts use a thin cloth material, while newer variations use a thin sheet of EVA for a more cushioned feel.
Mesh, Enginnered Airmesh : A lightweight with high breathability and support while providing un-restricted foot movement.
Mono, Open : A single seamless lightweight breathable fabric.
Mesh, Open : A breathable lightweight open weave mesh with overlays to lock down the foot while providing un-restricted movement.
Mesh, Ultralight : A breathable ultra-light fabric.
Memory Foam Heel Pod : Strategically-placed memory foam in the heel provides a heel pocket for a snug fit and provide exceptional comfortable.
Pro-Lock : Support straps on either side of the midfoot, extend to one eyelet and encase the foot to lock it down onto the midsole
Sauc-Fit™ : A unique fit system in the upper that not only locks the midfoot onto the platform but also keep the heel secure and comfortable.
Sockliner, ComfortLite™ : Contoured to cradle the foot, support the arch and reduce peak pressures in the forefoot.
Sockliner, Comfortride™ : Breathable, moisture wicking, anti-odor and anti-microbial Comfortride insole provides improved step-in comfort with rebound properties.
Sockliner, EVA : Antimicrobial and breathable while providing superior cushioning and ride.
Sockliner, Premium : Breathable, moisture wicking, anti-odor and antimicrobial Ortholite® insole provides improved step-in comfort with rebound properties.
Soft Suede Overlays : Provides structure and comfort in the upper.
Support Frame : Molded Hheel support frame for a more secure and stable fit.
Velcro® Lockdown Strap : For a snug, sock-like fit.

TechView.Midsole• Midsole •

CS Zone : A bottom-loaded, full-length, dual-density medial post and is designed to control excessive pronation while maintaining shoe flexibility.
Flexion™ Plate : Guiding the foot from heel strike to forefoot using an impact-resistant piece of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This dampens much of the joint and bone movement in the forefoot that is caused by the high-impact forces of heel strike, allowing you to toe off with more force and less energy.
EBO™ : External Bedrock Outsole : Sandwiched between the outsole and midsole and is designed to protect the foot from rocks.
EAS™ : Engineered Asymmetrical Sole : Is Saucony's philosophy behind building shoes that are bio-mechanically specific for runners. E.A.S. accounts for each individual component's design and purpose and how they function with each other.
EVA, CM : An advanced EVA blend that maximizes rebound and durability while minimizing weight.
EVA Plus : A more advanced form of industrial standard EVA blend which provide maximum rebound and durability with much weight reduction.
Grid™ : Saucony's patented technology. A woven configuration of Hytrel™ filaments which provide superior cushioning and stability by centering the heel on impact.
Grid™, 3D : Soft grade Hytrel™ filaments wrapped around the midsole form a platform for heel strike cushioning and shock absorption. On the 3D Grid Hurricane the lateral strands of the 3D Grid are angled at 30° to optimize heel strike cushioning and reduce the rate of pronation. 90° strands on the medial side provide structural support and limit over-pronation.
HRC™ : High Rebound Compound : A responsive EVA/rubber compound which provides cushioning through the later stages of the gait cycle.
Impact Interface : Sandwiched at the heel between the SRC Impact Zone and the midsole. This thermoplastic elastomer device cushions and isolates heel impact.
Impulse EVA™ : Midsole that provides increased shock attenuation, repsonsive cushioning, durability and rebound properties.
Impulse EVA™, Dual Density : High density compound of EVA placed at lateral midfoot to control over-pronation.
Instep Support Device™ : Saucony's patented walking technology made of Hytrel.™ Provides essential heel cushioning and arch support while providing forefoot pressure dispersion.
Medial MCD™ : Medial Motion Control Device : Works with the dual density impulse EVA to slow the rate of pronation.
Midfoot Arch Strap : Provides snug midfoot fit.
Midfoot Support Bridge™ : A rigid material in the shank area of the midsole keeps the foot neutral in the midfoot phase of the gait cycle.
PowerFoam™ : An injected molded which is lighter and more responsive than SSL EVA.
PowerGrid® : Combining a innovative material, PowerFoam with industry acclaimed Grid technology to provide superior cushioning and responsiveness.
PowerGrid® w PowerFoam™ : Combining Saucony's innovative PowerFoam with their industry acclaimed Grid technology to provide the runner with superior cushioning and responsiveness on every run.
ProGrid® : Designed to act like a trampoline for your feet, it absorbs impact, dissipates shock and maximizes rebound. It is constructed from lightweight foam materials to create a lighter and more cushioned platform which offers a smoother transition from heel through toe-off.
ProGrid® w Respon-Tek : ProGrid with Respon-Tek is a full length cushioning material that is shaped to absorb impact, dissipate shock, and provide a seamless transition from heel to forefoot.
ProGrid™, Lite : Saucony's lightest version of ProGrid. A lighter, more effective way to dissipate shock and absorb impact to sets the foot up for a smooth transition
Supportive Arc : A thermoplastic unit placed at the medial mid area engineered to provide support for slight over-pronation.
SRC™ : Super Rebound Compound : Mixture of rubber and polymers used to absorb impact and provide great cushioning.
SRC™ Impact Zone : Provides shock attenuation and sets the foot up for a smooth transition.
SRC™ : Place under the metatarsal region and is designed to provide a smooth toe-off.
SRC™ Xtra Forefoot : Forefoot Cushioning Saucony’s premier forefoot cushioning system provides smooth toe-off.
SSL EVA : Saucony Super Lite : Saucony's premium midsole advanced EVA blend that maximizes rebound and durability while minimizing weight. that is designed to maximize rebound and durability while minimizing weight.
SSL EVA, Dual Density : An advanced EVA blend that maximizes rebound and durability which is placed at the medial midfoot to control overpronation.
TPU Arch : Light-weight thermoplastic unit in the midfoot that provides support for mild overpronation.

TechView.Outsole• Outsole •

Blown Rubber : Is lightweight and flexible. It provides added cushioning while maintaining durability and a smooth ride.
EBO : External Bedrock Outsole : Plate place inbetween midsole and outsole to provide protection against rail hazards such as rocks, stones and other debris from foot.
High Traction Rubber : Sticky rubber compound with lugs construction to provides excellent traction and grip on various trail surfaces.
IBR : A Flexible lightweight material which has enhanced cushioning and durability properties then traditional blown rubber.
Triangular Lug Design : Outsole design to provides traction and durability.
Multi-Directional Lug Sole : Rugged outsole design, to provide a sure grip on rough terrain.
Vibram Outsole : A durable all weather lightweight designed exceptional traction and grip for off road conditions.
XT-900 : Carbon rubber provides durability in the heel and medial forefoot.

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