Release Year : 2011, 2010

Line Breaker


Release Year
2011 :Complete : SLX Ryjin. Faas : 500

Release Year
2011 :Complete : Ventis 2
2010 :Complete : Velosis 2
2009 :Complete : Velosis

Release Year
2011 :Complete : Spectana 2
2010 :Complete : Spectana, Vectana 2
2009 :Complete : Vectana

Release Year
2010 :Complete : Nightfox TR

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Line Breaker


• Features and Benefits •

BioRide™ : Consist of 3 biomechanical performance enhancing components for a more natural and responsive ride : Rocker : A 'rocker' shape design to encourage a smoother touchdown and effortless toe-off : Flex : Flex grooves in key zones for a more natural foot movement with enhanced responsiveness : Groove : A midsole groove which provide a natural plus support that responds to individual biomechanics.
Comfort Last : Maximizes fit and comfort, and covers the specific anatomical and biomechanical needs of the runner.

• Features and Benefits : Upper •

Mesh, Open : An breathable upper used over the majority of the upper.
Mesh, Sandwich : An breathable environmental friendly upper used over the majority of the upper.
Sockliner, EVA : Is a molded insole designed for instep comfort.
Sockliner, Lightweight : Lightweight insole designed for optimized air circulation and in-step comfort.
Sockliner, OrthoLite® : Consists of two layers for maximum fit and comfort and fast material regeneration. Designed for optimized air circulation.

• Features and Benefits : Midsole •

ArchTec™ : Mid-foot support system used to reinforce the arch and offer torsional stability.
Cell® : Proprietary cushioning system. The Cell unit is made up of interlocking cells made of a polyurethane elastomer that, when compressed, helps to absorb shock, ensure cushioning and offer added durability.
duoCell® : Specifically engineered Hexagonal duoCell pattern is anatomically positioned to provide durable cushioning and maximum stability. The Cell layers, made of elastomer, greatly reduce the impact forces upon heel strike. The independent Cells support a natural foot motion and slow the foot's inward rotation for optimized foot strike.
EverFoam™ : Special slow-recovery foam heel construction for a heel fit which perfectly adjusts to the heel contour.
ldCell® : Forefoot : An EVA based low density material cushioning layer for improved shock absorption. The anatomically specific placement is designed to protect and support during the gait cycle.
KMS 100 CM-EVA™ : EVA compound to improve the cushioning properties of Puma's midsole and to extend durability.
KMS Lite : Mid-sole material is 30% lighter than standard PUMA-EVA and reduces the overall shoe weight up to 10%.
Last, IdCell® : Lasting constructed with Puma's IdCell® to provides additional cushioning.
Last, Traditional : A full length strobel last construction, which is a form of slip lasting where the upper is stitched around the perimeter of the foot and no board is inserted.
M2D™ : Dual density CM-EVA mid-sole.
M2D+™ : Located at the medial mid-sole and is designed to slow the rate of pronation while being 30% lighter than the original M2D material.
RockShield™ : A shield TPU forefoot plate sandwiched in the mid-sole for extra protection against stones and other firm surfaces found on the trails.

• Features and Benefits : Outsole •

Decoupled Heel : Out-sole and mid-sole geometry that decouples the impact allowing for a softer ride and reduce pro-nation velocity during initial impact.
EverRide™ : Blown rubber formulation.
EverSole™ : EVA is used in the sole for increased shock absorption and weight reduction.
EverTrack™ : High abrasion-resistant rubber composite out-sole material placed in areas of high-wear.