Asics Gel Trail Sensor 4 WR

Replacing the internal heel counter with a new exo-skeletal, The 2010s Asics Gel Trail Senor 4 WR continues with its great trail tradition, for whom, who demands a running shoe which provides superior traction, protection and can adapt to all types of terrain.

MSRP : US$110
Weight : 12.4 oz / 351 gm
Predecessor : Sensor 3 WR
Features : Gel®, Solyte™ Midsole, Nano-Tech Upper, I.G.S.®, Asymmetrical Lacing, Dynamic Cradle™, Trusstic System®, Lace Pocket, Trail Sensor, Protection Plate

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Recommended for neutral runner seeking a highly cushioned shoe that can adapt and handle all types of terrain.
AsicsGeTrailSensor3WR-StickerHistory : Sensor WR 4('10), Sensor WR 3('09), Sensor WR 2('08), Sensor WR('07)


Asymmetrical Lacing Design : This set-up inimprove the ASICS Biomorphic Fit by creating a more anatomically correct lacing pattern. The asymmetrical lacing design is configured to wrap across the top of the vamp, creating a more open forefoot environment.

AHAR+ heel : A thinner and lighter version of Asics High Abrasion Resistance rubber. It is placed on the impact area of the outsole to reduce excessive wear.

Exso-skeletal : An rearfoot wrap to keep the ankle secure on rugged terrain.

Dynamic Cradle™ : Supports and guides the foot.

GEL® : Provides maximum rearfoot and forefoot shock attenuation.

I.G.S.® : Impact Guidance System : ASICS® design philosophy that uses linked componentry to encourage optimal gait while allowing for natural foot movement from heel strike to toe-off.

Nano-Tech Upper Material : Provides a highly water-resistant upper without loss of breathability.

Protection Plate : Protects the foot from sharp objects such as rocks and branches.

Solyte™ : The advantage to injected Solyte® is a much more consistent density, ensuring that the desired softness is more ‘dialed in’ than standard compression molded midsole material. Injected Solyte® is also lighter than standard Solyte® contributing to the overall drop in weight.

Trail sensor : The shoe senses what type of terrain you are running on and adjusts to it. This improved traction which will improve safely.


Anonymous said...

I guess from what I've seen the Asics Gel Trail Sensor 4 WR DOES NOT have Gore-Tex XCR Membrane!
Which is a shame, because the previous Sensor 3 with XCR was the perfect winter running shoe.
Or did I miss something???
Is there going to be a XCR version 4 in autuum??


Swift2feet said...

You are right that the latest Sensor is not equipped with Gore-Tex XCR Membrane. But in Sensor 3 it did come in 2 verisons : With or without Gore-Tex XCR Membrane.