Asics Gel Evolution 6

If control is what you are looking for, the 2011s Asics Gel Evolution 6 might just be the right shoe for you. It offers top notch support for severe over-pronators while providing excellent comfort and fit. To bring the Evolution with all others Asics latest model, the new Evolution 6 come with Guidance Line to encourage a more efficient ride.

MSRP : US$120
Weight : 13.3 oz / 438 gm
Predecessor : Gel Evolution 5
Product Cycle : RY.2011.DY.20XX.
Features : Style : Gender Specific : Upper : Open Mesh, Biomorphic Fit ®, P.H.F, ComforDry™ Sockliner : Midsole : Solyte® 65 Last, *Plus 3™, Solyte® Midsole, *Soft Top DuoMax®, DuoMax®, Space Trusstic System, Guidance Line™ : Outsole : AHAR, DuraSponge : Misc : I.G.S®

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Recommended for moderate to severe overpronators needing enough room in the toe box to accommodate wide, flat feet or orthotics.
2009AsicsGelEvolution5StickerHistory : Gel Evolution Series : Evolution 6('11), Evolution 5('09), Evolution 4('08), Evolution 3~1

AHAR+ : A thinner and lighter version of Asics High Abrasion Resistance rubber. It is placed on the impact area of the outsole to reduce excessive wear.

Biomorphic Fit : Provides enhanced upper fit and comfort while decreasing potential for irritation.

ComforDry Sockliner : Made from an anti-bacterial material that not only reduces odor and moisture but also provides additional cushioning.

DuoMax® : Medial Post : Ensures that the shoe maintains proper support for the foot during the critical transition from heel strike to toe-off.

DuraSponge® : A new blown rubber compound for enhanced durability and cushioning in the forefoot.

Gel® : Cushioning Systems : Provides maximum rearfoot and forefoot shock attenuation.

Guidance Line™ : Vertical flex groove decouples the tooling along the line of progression for enhanced gait efficiency.

Plus 3™ : Female's Model Only : 3mm of additional height of 3mm to relieve achilles tension.

Protection Plate : Protects the foot from sharp objects such as rocks and branches.

PHF™ : Personal Heel Fit System : Moulds and customizes itself to the individual heel shape of the wearer.

Soft Top DuoMax® : Female's Model Only : A pillow-soft lay to reduces arch irritation.

Solyte™ : Midsole Material : New Asics mid-sole material Solyte is a durable advanced co-polymer that is lighter than standard EVA and Asics SpEVA®.

Stability Cradle™ : A reinforced EVA component contoured to provide medial and lateral suability.

Space Trusstic™ System : The system works with the complex functions of the foot to facilitate Windlass Mechanics. Space Trusstic is new I.G.S. componentry and an evolution, if not revolution of our benchmark trusstic technology. The Space Trusstic system is not integrated within the EVA. Rather it is suspended below the midsole EVA forming a distinct pocket or space into which the EVA of the mid foot section of the shoe can distort. The result is that torsion stability of the shoe is maintained but pressure on the plantar facia is released enabling tension with the transition from foot flat to propulsion. This is designed to facilitate the all-important Windlass Mechanism. Space Trusstic is a natural extension of I.G.S. and an enhancement of Windlass Mechanics.

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