Nike Lunar Glide

Nike Lunar Glide is a ultralight, flexible, daily distance-trainer with Lunar Lite and a stab of stability for support. The Glide has an innovative mid-sole design architecture called Dynamic Support, a patent-pending system which adapts to a runner’s gait with each step, providing superior cushioning and as-needed stability.With a lower heel to forefoot ratio, the Glide is more for Pose or Chi-Running friendly.

MSRP : US$100
Weight : 10.7 oz / 283 gm
Predecessor : Nil
Product Cycle : RY.2009.DY.2010.Jul.
Features : Gender Specific, Nike+ ®, Lunar Lite®, Flywire, Dynamic Support

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S : A supportive (Neutral to Mild over-pronation) daily trainer with moderate features.

History : Lunar Glide Series : Lunar Glide('09)


Lunar Lite : Introduce by Nike in 2008, it provides superior cushioning and significant energy return.

Flywire : Is a thread, composed of Vectran, and developed by Nike, used in the upper of a shoe. The goal of Flywire is to minimize weight and maximize support.

Dynamic Support : An innovative mid-sole architecture system that adapts to a runner’s gait with each step.


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Nicy said...

I does feel great...but it isnt as comfortable as the lunar trainer

Hookme said...

Great shoe from Nike very comfortable with a bouncy feel and fit snug holding feet securely.

Anonymous said...

surprising it does provide support when i need them....

Nike free run plus said...

I like Nike lunar glide 2