Brooks Ravenna

The all-new Brooks Ravenna is replcement of the old Axiom. It is the name of an avenue in Brooks HQ in Seattle. Built on the last of Brooks Ghost, it is a a lightweight, Eco-friendly BioMoGo® cushioning, mild pornation. The Ravenna offers support for mild to moderate overpronation. keeping your feet and conscience happy. (Updated Model : Brooks Ravenna 2)

MSRP : US$100
Weight : 10.8 oz / 311 gm
Predecessor : Axiom 3
Product Cycle : RY.2009.DY.2010.Dec.
Features : BioMOGO™, HydroFlow®, DRB Accel™, HPR, S-257™ Cushsole, Sprung Toe Construction, Blown Rubber Forefoot

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Recommended for biomechanically efficient runners with slight overpronatoion looking for a great lightweight shoe.
History : Ravenna Series : Ravenna('09) : Axiom Series : Axiom 3~1


BioMogo : Is the world’s first fully biodegradable midsole foam for footwear. Once a pair of Brooks shoes with BioMoGo has reached an enclosed landfill, it will begin to biodegrade. In roughly 20 years the midsoles will be completely converted by common soil microbes into useful humus and nutrients. That’s about 50 times faster than a standard midsole degradation.

DRB Accel™ : To promote natural movement and provide torsional midfoot support.

Element™ : A microfiber construction that provides strong protection against the elements in a light and quiet fabric. Element™ maintains full breathability and durable comfort.

HydroFlow® : Liquid silicon-based system cushioning system chamber dampens shock at impact and dynamically disperses fluid at a controlled rate around the heel cushioning, stabilizing and rebounding on every stride.

Mogo : Offers 40 percent more cushioning and gives a runner 22 percent more return of energy - the "spring" in one's step - than Brooks' former midsole. Substance 257. MoGo not only represents a giant leap forward in midsole material performance for Brooks, it also entails an evolved method of production. Compression Molded Preform (CMP) is an efficient, precise production process in which, rather than being cut out of large sheets of material in the traditional method, midsoles are cast in individual molds, resulting in 50% less waste. The CMP process also increases consistency by an incredible 200%. Less variability between midsoles ensures that runners can count on enjoying the same feel pair after pair.

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