Mizuno Wave Creation 11

The flagship of Mizuno the Wave Creation series is one of the best shock dispersion running shoes in the current market. The new Creation 11 (2010 Autumn) is upgraded with a new AP+ midsole, Better designed Dynamotion Fit and a Premium collar lining. Gender Engineering has been applied: Men's version are slightly wider, a flared sole that increases the landing area for a more stable and secure run. The Latest Creation is stil the same neutral running shoes with all the cushion, durability and support you love. (Updated Model : Mizuno Wave Creation 12)

MSRP : US$135
Weight : 12.9 oz / 399 gm
Predecessor : Wave Creation 10
Product Cycle : RY.2010DY.2010.Dec.
Features : Gender Specific, Infinity Wave Technology™, SmoothRide™, AP+ Midsole™, Dynamotion Fit Technology™, Air Mesh™, Intercool™, VS-1™, Sensorpoint™, X-10™

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Recommended for medium-to-high arches runners who seeks durable and maximum cushioning neutral shoes
History : Wave Creation Series : Creation 11('10), Creation 10('09), Creation 9('08), Creation 8~1


Air Mesh™ : Provides the utmost in breathability and comfort of the upper.

AP+ Midsole™ : Is Mizuno's top of the line full length midsole copolymer material that is lighter weight and has better energy return than AP : AP Midsole™ : Acceleration Polymer Responsive Midsole : Lightweight high rebound midsole material to give greater momentum at take-off.

Dynamotion Fit Technology™ : Traditional footwear distorts during the stress of the gait cycle, causing heel slippage, poor fit and wasted energy. The Dynamotion Fit Technology relieves this stress through its high-tech construction, thereby ensuring a proper fit, maximized performance and an enhanced running experience.

Infinity Wave™ : Provides the ultimate in cushioning, rebound and durability by reducing the shoes reliance on midsole foam. Wave™ Plate : Cushioning and Stability. The only technology that combines two distinctly different elements that are both inherently necessary in great athletic shoes.

Intercool™ : Solves the problem of heat and humidity build-up in a running shoe by incorporating a full-length ventilation system.

Sensorpoint™ : Stability and Traction. Mizuno's revolutionary new suspension system which uses studs that connect the Wave® plate directly to the ground, thereby enhancing stability and traction.

SmoothRide Engineering™ : Maximum Comfort, Ultimate Feel, Unsurpassed Performance. Learn more about this New Technology.

VS-1™ : Absorbs shock and enhances cushioning properties by resisting compression-set, thus extending the cushioning life of the shoe.

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I still prefer the previous design of dynamic fit....