Brooks Launch

Release the speed demon in you with Brooks latest, Performance trainer, Brooks Launch. Builted for speedy runs in mind, it has a well articulated outsole for increased flexibility, well-cushioned and is silky smooth and resilient ride with a sprung (upward-curving) last to get you through the miles. Through, the Launch is replacing the Burn, but it has no lateral arch lug and a flatter sole. (Burn was builted for mid-foot striker).

So what is the different between the Ghost and Launch? Ghost is a shoe for everyday training of all distances with enough cushioning and structure to keep you supported while you’re doing miles. The Launch, on the other hand, is a lightweight profile minimum(Less overlays and midsole support) shoe built specifically for speed. It’s ideal for workouts that include tempo runs or intervals, or for races when you want a light shoe but don’t want to go all the way down to a racing flat.

MSRP : US$90
Weight : 9.1 oz / 257 gm
Predecessor : Burn 3
Features : BioMogo®, Hydroflow, S-257™, Engage Sockliner, Cushsole, HPR™ Plus Outsole, Blown rubber

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Recommended for neutral or supinating runners.


History: Launch('10), Burn 3~1


BioMoGo® : Fully biodegradable midsole foam for footwear. Once a pair of Brooks shoes with BioMoGo has reached an enclosed landfill, it will begin to biodegrade. In roughly 20 years the midsoles will be completely converted by common soil microbes into useful humus and nutrients. That’s about 50 times faster than a standard midsole degradation. MOGO® : Brooks claims, MOGO offers 40 percent more cushioning and gives a runner 22 percent more return of energy - the "spring" in one's step - than Brooks' former midsole. Substance 257. MoGo not only represents a giant leap forward in midsole material performance for Brooks, it also entails an evolved method of production. Compression Molded Preform (CMP) is an efficient, precise production process in which, rather than being cut out of large sheets of material in the traditional method, midsoles are cast in individual molds, resulting in 50% less waste. The CMP process also increases consistency by an incredible 200%. Less variability between midsoles ensures that runners can count on enjoying the same feel pair after pair.

Cush-Pod configuration : Midsole and outsole components are engineered to set the foot in an efficient , balanced postion throughout gait cycle, offering maximum stability and flexibility.

Engage sockliner : Sockliner, which has some contour but is especially formulated for resiliency and bounce.

HydroFlow® : Liquid silicon-based system cushioning system chamber dampens shock at impact and dynamically disperses fluid at a controlled rate around the heel cushioning, stabilizing and rebounding on every stride.

HydroFlow® Forefoot : Located where the metatarsal head region of the foot rests in the shoe. Forefoot Hydroflow is designed to attenuate shock and dampen forces.

HydroFlow® ST : Located in the heel and is cushioning device which consists of a chamber filled with viscous fluid. Hydroflow ST is designed to attenuate shock, dampen impact forces, and provide added heel stability.

HPR™ : High Performance Rubber : A super-durable rubber compound provides greater resistance to high wear areas of the outsole.

S257™ Cushsole : Provide a softer underfoot feel : Substance 257 : Brooks unique midsole compound is formulated to resist com-pression and rebound more quickly after impact.

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