Mizuno Wave Creation 15

Without sacrificing impact protection and comfort, the lighter, smoother, Mizuno wave Creation 15 with its unique Infinity Wave Plate still deliver all the familiar greatness since its inception. With a more flexible forefoot for a more springy toe-off while retaining its Mizuno's characteristics, the Wave Creation 15 will still be an evolution in its classy story.

MSRP : US$160
Weight : 11.2 oz / 315 gm
Predecessor : Wave Creation 14
Product Cycle : RY.2013.DY.20XX.
Features : Style : Gender Specific, SmoothRide™ : Upper : Air Mesh™, Dynamotion Fit™, OrthoLite Sockliner, Strobal Last : Midsole : U4ic Midsole, Extended Infinity Wave™ Plate, Intercool™ : Outsole : X10™

MizunoWavecreation15.S.W MizunoWavecreation15.S.M

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N : A daily high mileage "Neutral Plus" trainer with maximum features.

MizunoWavecreation15.S.W History : Wave Creation Series : Creation 15('14), Creation 14('13), Creation 13('12), Creation 12('11), Creation 11~1

ZebraPlusGlossary MizunoWavecreation15.S.W
U4ic™, Midsole : Pronounced "Euphoric", the Mizuno's unique lightweight midsole material which is 30% lighter then AP+ , provides optimal l shock absorption, durability and a resilient ride.

Air Mesh™ : A breathable lightweight open weave mesh with overlays to lock down the foot while providing un-restricted movement.

Dynamotion Fit™ : Traditional footwear distorts during the stress of the gait cycle, causing heel slippage, poor fit and wasted energy. The Dynamotion Fit Technology relieves this stress through its high-tech construction, thereby ensuring a proper fit, maximized performance and an enhanced running experience.

Infinity Wave® : Provides the ultimate in cushioning, rebound and durability by reducing the shoes reliance on mid-sole foam : Extended : Wave plate extended to the forefoot to provide additional support and cushioning : Wave Plate : Cushioning and Stability. The only technology that combines two distinctly different elements that are both inherently necessary in great athletic shoes.

Intercool™ : Solves the problem of heat and humidity build-up in a running shoe by incorporating a full-length ventilation system.

OrthoLite Sockliner : An anti-microbial and moisture wicking insole that promotes a healthy environment for feet.

Smooth Ride™ : Gender specific network of grooves and system, designed to minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot through the phases of the running gait cycle. This reduces shock vibration and increases flexibility.

X10™ : Provides the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike.

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