Nike Free 4.0 V2

Updated with a laser-perforated Nanoply upper with inner sleeve for a dynamic, sock-like feel with excellent breathability and support, The Nike Free 4.0 V2 will the perfect companion for runners seeking a trainer which promote a more natural foot movement without sacrificing comfort nor against impact protection. ( Updated Model : Nike Free 4.0 v3 )

MSRP : US$90
Weight : 8.1 oz / 229 gm
Predecessor : Free 4.0
Product Cycle : RY.2012.DY.2013 Mar.
Features : Style : Gender Specific : Upper : Nanoply, Modified Mesh, Molded sockliner, Strobel Last : Midsole : Phylite™ Midsole, Nike Free Sipes, Transtarsal Flex Grooves : Outsole : BRS 1000™, Waffle Lugs

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P : A "Minimum Performance" trainer designed for fast pace daily training and racing with minimum features.

NewModel2012 History : Free 4.0 Series : 4.0 V2('12), 4.0('10)
ZebraPlusGlossary NikeFree40V2.PN.G
BRS 1000™, Rearfoot : A highly durable carbon rubber we invented for use in out-soles. BRS stands for Blue Ribbon Sports, which was our name before we came up with Nike. The tie-in? Both BRS and Nike last ... and last...

Modified Mesh : Modified mesh with a inner sleeve that hugs the foot for a dynamic, sock-like feel.

Molded Sockliner : Underfoot inserts which are molded based on the curvature of the foot for a closer fit, to provides additional cushioning and comfort.

Nanoply : A seamless, wafer-thin material which hold the foot in specific areas while maintaining excellent breathability.

Nike® Free Sipes : A gender-specific flex grooves midsole cut to produced a barefoot-like flexibility while maintaining stability.

Phylite™, Midosle : Nike's lightweight mid-sole material designed for a resilient ride with enough durability to double as an out-sole.

Stroble Last : The upper is attached to a thin material that is patterned on the shape or silhouette of the midsole. Traditional strobel lasts use a thin cloth material, while newer variations use a thin sheet of EVA for a more cushioned feel.

Transtarsal Flex Grooves : Deep cuts flex grooves which runs diagonally under the midfoot area for increased flexibility and mobility to increase foot strength.

Waffle Lugs : Built into the Phylite's outsole, to increased cushioning upon impact.

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