Mizuno Wave Musha 4

The Mizuno Wave Musha 4 a has a more casual relaxed feel as to a more traditional flat out racer. Built upon a more curved last than its predecessor, it offer a supportive fit upper and an assuring amount of support while delivering a responsive and cushy ride.

MSRP : US$90
Weight : 8.5 oz / 240 gm
Predecessor : Wave Musha 3
Product Cycle : RY.2012.DY.20XX.
Features : Style : Gender Specific : Upper : Airmesh™, Standard Sockliner, Strobel Last : Midsole : AP Plus™ Midsole, Wave™ Plate, SmoothRide™ : Outsole : X10™

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PS: A "Performance Support" speedy shoe, with minimum features.

MizunoWaveMusha4.PS.M MizunoWaveMusha4.PS.W
MizunoWaveMusha3.DCHistory : Wave Musha Series : Musha 4('12), Musha 3('11), Musha 2('10), Musha('09)
AP Plus™, Midsole : Is Mizuno's top of the line full length mid-sole copolymer material that is lighter weight and has better energy return than AP.

Airmesh™ : Provides the utmost in breathability with strategically placed overlays for comfort and support.

Wave® Plate : Cushioning and Stability. The only technology that combines two distinctly different elements that are both inherently necessary in great athletic shoes.

SmoothRide™ : Designed to minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot through the phases of the running gait cycle. This reduces shock vibration and increases flexibility.

Standard Sockliner : Made from industrial standard form,EVA. A breathable insole with antimicrobial properties which provide superior cushioning and ride.

Strobel Last : The upper is attached to a thin material that is patterned on the shape or silhouette of the midsole. Traditional strobel lasts use a thin cloth material, while newer variations use a thin sheet of EVA for a more cushioned feel.

X-10™ : Provides the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike.

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