Brooks Glycerin 9

Happy feet, is what Brooks Glycerin 9 will make your feet feels like. Known for its uber comfort, the Glycerin 9 also comes with "Omega Flex Grooves" which enhances flexibility and efficiency through the gait, resulting a much more comfortable and smoothest ride ever... (Updated Model : Brooks Glycerin 10)

MSRP : US$130
Weight : 12.1 oz / 343 gm
Predecessor : Glycerin 8
Product Cycle : RY.2011.DY.2012.June.
Features : Style : Gender Specific : Upper : Element™ Mesh, Profile™ Sockliner, Cushsole S-257™ Last : Midsole : Stacked BioMoGo Midsole, Full-length DNA™, Caterpillar Cash Pad, Omega Flex Grooves, DRB Accel™ : Outsole : HPR™ Plus, Flexalon Rubber : Misc : Cush Pod™

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N: A daily high mileage full feature "Neutral Plus - (Neutral - Under-pronator)" shoe for maximum shock absorption.


2010BrooksGlycerin8Discontinued History: Glycerin Series : Glycerin 9('11), Glycerin 8('10), Glycerin 7('09), Glycerin 6('08), Glycerin 5~1

ZebarPlusGlossry2011BrooksGlycerin9GlossaryCaterpillar Crash Pad : Segmented impact absportion pad crash pad that customizes to the runners lay down, which offers the right amount of cushioning and stability for a smooth transition from heel-to-toe.

Cush Pod : Midsole and outsole components are engineered to set the foot in an efficient , balanced postion throughout gait cycle, offering maximum stability and flexibility.

DRB Accel™ : To promote natural movement and provide torsional midfoot support.

DNA™, Full-Length : Provides a customized ride for runners of all sizes and speeds, dispersing impact and providing ideal comfort and protection as the pace changes.

Element™ Mesh : A microfiber construction that provides strong protection against the elements in a light and quiet fabric. Element™ maintains full breathability and durable comfort.

Flexalon Rubber, Forefoot : For greater resilience and a softer feel, while providing amazing grip and traction.

HPR™ Plus, Rearfoot : High Performance Rubber : A super-durable rubber compound provides greater resistance to high wear areas of the outsole.

Midfoot Wrap : Is asymmetrical and is filled in on the medial side to offer great support.

Omega Flex Grooves : To enhance flexibility and improve gait efficiency- for the smoothest, most comfortable run possible.

Profile Sockliner : Placed underfoot and is made of BioMoGo for cushioning and forms a contoured support sensation.

S257™ Cushsole Last : Provide a softer underfoot feel : Substance 257 : Brooks unique midsole compound is formulated to resist com-pression and rebound more quickly after impact.

Stacked BioMoGo®, Midsole : Durable biodegradable, durable "tuned" cushioning custom midsole which offers a custom ride that better corresponds with the runners gender and weight : MoGo® : Brooks claims, MoGo offers 40 percent more cushioning and gives a runner 22 percent more return of energy - the "spring" in one's step - than Brooks' former midsole. Substance 257. MoGo not only represents a giant leap forward in midsole material performance for Brooks, it also entails an evolved method of production. Compression Molded Preform (CMP) is an efficient, precise production process in which, rather than being cut out of large sheets of material in the traditional method, midsoles are cast in individual molds, resulting in 50% less waste. The CMP process also increases consistency by an incredible 200%. Less variability between midsoles ensures that runners can count on enjoying the same feel pair after pair.

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