Mizuno Wave Inspire 7

Optimized for moderate support, the 2011s Mizuno Wave Inspire 7, has been a part of Mizuno running line-up. Built in a lightweight package with surprisingly comfort, fit and moderate support, it is one best selling supportive shoe in the market, and it will continue to be so...

MSRP : US$100
Weight : 11.2 oz / 317 gm
Predecessor : Wave Inspire 6
Product Cycle : RY.2011.DY.20XX.
Features : Style : Gender Specific : Upper : Air Mesh™, InterCool™, Dynamotion Fit™, OrthoLite Sockliner : Midsole : VS-1™, AP+ ™ Midsole, Extended Composite Wave Technology™ : Tech : SmoothRide™ : Outsole : X-10™

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Recommended for runners looking for a shoe with a light, go-fast feel with good stability.Light to Moderate overpronators.
MizunoWaveUnspire6StickerHistory : Wave Inspire Series : Inspire 7('11), Inspire 6('10), Inspire 5('09), Inspire 4('08), Inspire 3~1

ZebarPlusGlossryMizunoWaveUnspire7GlossaryAir Mesh™ : Provides the utmost in breathability and comfort of the upper.

AP+ Midsole™ : Is Mizuno's top of the line full length midsole copolymer material that is lighter weight and has better energy return than AP : AP Midsole™ : Acceleration Polymer Responsive Midsole : Lightweight high rebound midsole material to give greater momentum at take-off.

Extended Composite Wave® : A composition of material in an existing wave plate configuration to provide cushioning and stability : Wave® Extended : Mizuno Wave An elastic thermal plastic material shaped in a Composite double fan wave pattern, design for vertical deformation during heel strike to absorb impact while reducing pronation : Wave Technology® : Cushioning and Stability. The only technology that combines two distinctly different elements that are both inherently necessary in great athletic shoes.

Dynamotion Fit Technology™ : Traditional footwear distorts during the stress of the gait cycle, causing heel slippage, poor fit and wasted energy. The Dynamotion Fit Technology relieves this stress through its high-tech construction, thereby ensuring a proper fit, maximized performance and an enhanced running experience.

Intercool™ : Solves the problem of heat and humidity build-up in a running shoe by incorporating a full-length ventilation system.

SmoothRide Engineering™ : Maximum Comfort, Ultimate Feel, Unsurpassed Performance. Learn more about this New Technology.

VS-1™ : Absorbs shock and enhances cushioning properties by resisting compression-set, thus extending the cushioning life of the shoe.

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