Nike Free 7.0 V2

Looking for a barefoot experience or foot strength building? The Nike Free 7.0 V2 might just filled your needs. Build on its unique ultra-flexible platform for a more natural foot movement with excellent cushioning and support, it is a good tool for runners gearing towards barefoot running or just your routine training or running.

MSRP : US$85
Weight : 8.8 oz / 249 gm
Predecessor : Free 7.0
Features : Style : Gender Specific, BareFoot Experience : Upper : Free Specific Mesh, Molded Sockliner, Slip Last : Midsole : Phylite, Crash Pad, Sipes : Outsole : BRS 1000

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Recommended for runner with mild over-opronation looking for a strength building or Barefoot running experience.
History : Free 7.0 V2('10), Free 7.0('09)


BRS 1000™ : A highly durable carbon rubber we invented for use in outsoles. BRS stands for Blue Ribbon Sports, which was our name before we came up with Nike. The tie-in? Both BRS and Nike last... and last...

Crash Pad : A highly decoupled gender-specific unit which is placed at the bottom heel to reduces shock at impact and reduces the degree and rate of pronation.

Free Specific Mesh : Provides breathability and is constructed with a stitch-less design for barefoot comfort.

Molded Sockliner : Engineered for under foot cushioning and is shaped to mimic the curvature of the foot for greater fit.

Nike Free : It simulates barefoot running while wearing a shoe. As this shoe allows the muscles in the foot to gain strength by providing less constriction, runners are advised to gradually break into the shoe rather than immediately running long distances as to prevent muscle cramps and other discomforts.

Phylite : Nike's lightweight midsole material designed for a resilient ride with enough durability to double as an outsole.

Sipes : A gender specific decoupling of the midsole and outsole, designed to allow barefoot-like flexibility and stability.

Slip Last : Shoe last constructed by wrapping and stitching the upper in a boot like shape before it is glued to the midsole to increase flexibility and decrease weight.

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