Mizuno Wave Cabrakan

Cabrakan means “King of the Mountain” is a new stability trail shoe from Mizuno. Based on the proven Mizuno Wave Inspire's toolset/waveplate with full length plate for forefoot stone guard. The Cabrakan is a superb off road package offering traction, protection and cushioning from a full length wave plate with a nano coated water resistant mesh.

MSRP : US$125
Weight : 12.0 oz / 340 gm
Predecessor : Nil
Features : Wave Technology®, Nano Mesh™, SmoothRide™, AP Midsole™, Dynamotion Fit™, Wet Traction™, X-10™

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Recommended Neural to Mild Pronators.
History : Cabrakan('09)


AP Midsole™ : Lightweight, responsive, yet durable cushioning copolymer.

Dynamotion Fit : Design technology that relieves the stress the foot naturally places on footwear, eliminating distortion for the perfect fit.

Nano Mesh : Upper mesh which is treated with a nano coating to provide enhanced water resistance.

SmoothRide™ : Designed to minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot through the phases of the running gait cycle. This reduces shock vibration and increases flexibility.

Wave Technology® : Cushioning and Stability. The only technology that combines two distinctly different elements that are both inherently necessary in great athletic shoes.

Wet Traction™ : Bi-Directional outsole rubber compound breaks through water, improving grip in all conditions.

X-10™ : Provides the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike.

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