Newton Running Motion 2009

Designed around the new era of running, forefoot running, it promote mid to forefoot running with an exceptional ride for runners who rquired mid to late stage pro-nation control. The medial posting (support) extends from the arch area to underneath the metatarsal heads to combat early and late stage pronation. Minimize excessive motion, prevent injury and increase efficiency for more speed and endurance. Patented Action/Reaction Technology™ in both heel and forefoot regions.The The Motion is a great shoe for long distance road running distances

MSRP : US$175
Weight : 10.4 oz / 296 gm
Predecessor : Nil
Features : Action/Reaction Technology™, Universal Posting Technology

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Neutral to High arched foot types. Mid to Forefoot running. Road distance running.
History : Motion('09)


ACTION/REACTION TECHNOLOGY™ : When using the ultra-efficient Land-Lever-Lift midfoot or forefoot running gait, the technology absorbs and then returns your own energy back to you. It's not fancy technospeak, and it's no gimmick. It's a revolutionary way of building a running shoe based on Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion – "For every ACTION, there is an equal and opposite REACTION." Loosely translated, it means you get a boost of forward energy with every single stride you take.

Universal Posting Technology : Is designed to accommodate runners who pronate, supinate and those with a neutral gait. This innovative midsole design features high-density X-shaped foam that supports both the medial and lateral sides of the foot. Working in conjunction with the Action/Reaction Technology and the Biomechanical Forefoot Top-plate, the Universal Posting Technology guides your foot down the center of the shoe. In the Newton Running shoes, the forefoot technology supports the bone structure of the forefoot ensuring even weight distribution and a solid platform for greater propulsion.

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